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E-commerce – Beyond functionality

“Functionality is the core of a successful website”.  You have probably read this more than once in well prepared case-studies and professional articles reaching over the old 450-500 words limit, with a large list of useful information and tips. For some, this might mean that their website needs to work, and open and load. For…

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Google moves again on AdWords

  Either you are an AdWords professional or just barely getting your bearings in the worlds’ most popular PPC advertising network, 2014 has some interesting news for you. If the first day of September usually lets you know that the autumn is coming and children are going back to school, this September also means goodbye…

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High number of potential customers to your business

The latest stats shows that there are more than 2 million internet users so there are a lot of customers out there for everyone. The question is how those customers will find you, and how can you make your products available to them. Creating a website is the first thing to do but this action…

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