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Best tactics for best local search results – Still on?

When defining your SEO strategy is essential to know exactly if raking best in the local search results is something that your business needs. Because you will need to tune your entire strategy accordingly, starting with your landing pages: localized title page, meta tags, URL structure and on page localized content including opening hours, address,…

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Landing pages – the only road to conversions

No matter what your online marketing channel of choice is, the only thing that it can do for you is bring visitors on your website. Hopefully, relevant and interested visitors that can be converted into clients. Once they get to your website, the rest it’s up to your landing page and how well your team…

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SEO Tips

There are a lot of useful seo tips and practices, so we will try to maintain a list of the most important tips for seo and update it with every new google update: 1. Make sure you have good, well-written and unique content that is related to your primary keyword. 2. Build a network of…

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Find out what are the benefits of SEO

  You may wonder what SEO is and how could it help your business. First of all you must know what does it mean. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a complex process of improving your website’s search engines rankings. Most Internet users navigate to search something, a product or a service and they often…

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