Landing pages – the only road to conversions

No matter what your online marketing channel of choice is, the only thing that it can do for you is bring visitors on your website. Hopefully, relevant and interested visitors that can be converted into clients. Once they get to your website, the rest it’s up to your landing page and how well your team designed it for conversions.


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The first rule you need to know when working to improve conversions is that it is all about testing and it is rarely over with the perfect form. If your game is played online, then you should get used to the idea that everything changes faster than you can keep track. But, as in every case, the basics are fundamental and almost never change.


Match your ad to your page and your page to your ad. The last thing you need is for your visitors to land on your page and have no idea where they are. Use the same title if possible, or very similar. Your landing page must play the role of a convincing and more detailed form of your ad.

Your clients’ words go further than yours


Be smart and use reviews and testimonials. Yes, a very good presentation of your products and services can go a long way, an amazing price can make a difference, but your clients’ feedback makes it all real. Your promise, your image, your credibility and, from there, your conversions. Reality is full of details, so if you use reviews, don’t be lazy. Use the full name and company, if the case, and write the most detailed part of a client’s review that you can use.

Better forms

Means simpler forms. Less fields, a clear design and enough indications to make it easy for the user to fill in. Use only the fields with the information that you desperately need to collect, and leave the rest for later. Studies show that the higher the number of fields, the lower the conversion rate.

Isolation tank

The only and main purpose of your landing page is to determine conversions. To encourage high conversions you need to isolate your page and get rid of any links and distractions that might get in the way of fulfilling its purpose.

Push the button

You might have guessed already that one of the most important elements in the landing page is the button that turns the page into conversion. In order to improve conversions you need to test a lot of options including different colors, shapes and texts and fonts. Talk personally and explicitly, and try to avoid any general expressions such as “Click here”. That button is the last step between a visitor and a conversion, so refine it as you would do with a diamond.


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Keep it simple

Avoid overcrowding it with unnecessary information or design. Think everything twice and set a purpose for every element. Use visual cues to direct your visitor where you need him or her to look and make sure that nothing stands in the way.

The only real road to high conversions is testing and retesting, but make sure you test one element at a time because otherwise you will not be able to identify what is working and what is not. Keep in touch with the specialists in the field and learn from others’ mistakes and case studies. And always adapt.



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